Lince 1.3 is out!

At least I have been able to work out through all the issues and publish the new
version of Lince, the 1.3. In this version I have worked on several issues, first
the source was not in a good shape it had problems with the latest versions
of boost, libtorrent and gtk. Gtk was a major pain because I had to update it
from version 2.0 to the recent 3.0 but the api is really well designed and it
took me less than I thought.

At the library side I added more features supported by libttorrent and removed
some others that were deprecated, though I have to improve the log support (it
is in the to do list for next version). At the gui side I improved the main torrent
window changing all the layout and adding some new features like the save
button, but what I improved the most was the search tabĀ  adding features to
make it more usable.

Also this is the first version which is not marked as beta, right now the code is
really stable and the users have been really happy using it.